In the last 30 years I have meandered in and out of many hobbies, but when I stepped into photography, I stayed for the long haul.

Life is fascinating, life is priceless, life is definitely too short and if like me you are a life long learner, photography can be as simple or as technical and challenging as you want it to be.

Photography is not only my past time, my way to document what I see in the world, but closer to home, an excellent way of recording the lives of friends and family.

I consider myself to be a people photographer. I do photograph other subjects like architecture, but am always drawn back to people.

Tools of the trade

It's true, I own several cameras, both digital and analogue (film), but the fact is that no two cameras are the same and the results differ too.

There are situations when a digital camera is king, low light being one. If I am unsure of my surroundings and there is a chance I may go from photographing outdoors with plenty of light and then indoors with little light, I may choose to use a digital camera.

However, my preference is to use one of my vintage film cameras and some black and white film. 

These mechanical wonders have minimal controls and encourage me to make all of the decisions.